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Visiting Monsieur Rasse and his Saint-Jeannet Vineyard

Visiting Rasse Two

This year has been the toughest yet to get into a blogging rhythm. For many reasons. Firstly I’m eight months pregnant and if this last week is anything to go by our little one wants to come and meet the world sooner rather than later. Around the same month I fell pregnant I also officially embarked on a freelance wine and writing journey, which has been the most rewarding thing I have done in my career so far but has also been hard work!

Between these two exciting personal and professional adventures, there has been little time for my other love, this blog (and drinking wine, of course, a key ingredient to this blog… but more on that another week!)

Yet some of my freelance roles have opened up to me the world of Riviera wine to an extent I could never have previously imagined and I have been lucky enough to get to know many of these vineyards and the stories behind them over the past year. Continue Reading…

Alpes Maritimes Wine

Visiting Le Petit Vigneau, Saint-Paul de Vence

Visiting Le Petit Vigneau Cover

** Update May 2016 – Raphael & Emily have recently moved to Australia so Le Petit Vigneau is sadly no more and the vineyard is closed for visits.

One of the first blog posts I ever wrote, back in early 2013, was about Le Petit Vigneau in Saint-Paul de Vence. At the time, it was the winemaker himself, Raphael Vigneau, who showed me around his vineyard, hidden on quiet (and rather plush) residential street at the foot of the ramparts of this pretty medieval town.

Since late 2013 it’s been Raphael’s wife, Emily, who has focused on developing regular visits and tastings at the vineyard, with much success. You only have to quickly glance at TripAdvisor, here, to see how well they are received. It helps that Emily is a charming Aussie (not that I’m biased at all) and has thoroughly embraced life as a wine makers wife, so is able to give a detailed and enthusiastic tour through the vineyards and cellar and tasting – the fun part! Continue Reading…

Alpes Maritimes Wine, Bellet

Unique Grapes of the Alpes-Maritimes

Unique Grapes of the Alpes-Maritimes5

It’s a story I’ve heard a few times now. Visitors arrive in Nice. Ask restaurant for a bottle of local wine.

“So you’ll be wanting a rosé from Provence?”

Considering that, for most people, their only chance to discover the wines of Nice and surrounds is in situ, it’s a real shame that they are often led to believe that ‘local’ is a wine made up to 200 kilometres away. Continue Reading…

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