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Ask A Local: Favourite Wine Bars on the French Riviera


I have a wonderful network here on the Côte d’Azur of locals who are a fountain of knowledge when it comes to cool, trendy places to visit, away from the usual traveller hot spots. So I thought it was time to start sharing some of these insider tips for both visitors and residents a like, as it’s never too late to discover exciting new spots to indulge in a glass of wine in your own backyard. Continue Reading…

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Top 5 Tutored Riviera Wine Tastings

tutored riviera wine tastings cover

A question and answer to kick off this weekend.

Q: Apart from the vineyards themselves, where are the best spots to go wine tasting on the French Riviera and in Liguria?

A: As you’d expect from the world’s top two wine-producing countries, there are a plethora of wine shops and bars along the French Riviera and in Liguria where you can settle in and order a bottle or two of interesting wines to share and ponder – I’ve outlined some of my Nice favourites in this recent post.

When it comes to tutored Riviera wine tastings, however, there are some diverse and interesting options to consider which could offer the perfect introduction for those looking for an introduction to our local wine without actually heading off into the vineyards themselves. Continue Reading…

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Liguria Like a Local: Sestri Levante

Sestri Levante Cover

To me, Liguria splits in two at Genoa. West of which, along the coastal stretch known as the Riviera Ligure di Ponente (the coast of the setting sun), is easily accesible by day trip from Nice and more than familiar. Head east of Genoa, however, along the Riviera di Levante (the coast of the rising sun) towards La Spezia and I’m on less familiar ground.

As it happens, however, they make fabulous wine whatever side of Genoa you find yourself on and my friend, and Master of Wine, Elizabeth Gabay, was recently invited to the village of Sestri Levante to taste a whole lot of it. In doing so, she discovered that there’s a lot to love about this pretty coastal village. Continue Reading…

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Thirsty? Best Nice Wine Bars

Nice Wine Bars Three

In the eight years that I have been living in Nice the wine bar landscape has changed a fair bit. Whilst the institutions remain just that (save for the fantastic Cave Wilson on Rue Gubernatis but rumour has it the venue is set to re‐open soon under new ownership so watch this space!), every year throws up a few new spots which only enhance the local wine scene. Continue Reading…

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